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Shoppe Refined are celebrating the opening of their new downtown location in Abbotsford, BC. Their carefully curated home pieces allow for endless customization for any aesthetic. For their latest photoshoot, the Shoppe Refined team wears some of our favourite CF pieces. We interviewed Courtney the owner of Shoppe Refined to hear about their new location. 

How did your team of three come together? 

We each had our own design companies when we initially met and came together to work on jobs together, as our skill sets were all very complimentary. Eventually we decided, why not just team up under one umbrella (in 2018) and the rest is history! We are all visionaries, and spend a fair amount of time bouncing ideas off of each other to see what we can make stick and what ideas need to be put aside for now (that list is usually long... there is no shortage of creative ideas in our studio). One word we have always gone back to as our company's core value is: collaboration. We started our company by collaborating and we believe we can all do better with people around us with different perspective and skill sets. 

Where are your go-to places to find inspiration?

Taking time away from the screen and getting out in nature, other designers work on Instagram or Pinterest, and a trip into our sample library at the studio will do just the trick ( we are always bringing in interesting new samples even if we don't have a job to use them in at the time - it keeps things new and exciting at all times!)


How do you choose artisans to include in Shoppe x Artisans?

We bring on Artisans that are Canadian and love that we can use our shoppe to support local makers in our country! We value artisans who create original work that feels like it can't be replicated by large manufacturers. For example we have abstract artists, a wood crafter and a glass blowing company that we work with. All of the artisans we work with are incredibly gifted in their craft.

What are your favourite kinds of projects to work on? Residential, commercial space, or sourcing decor items for Shoppe Refined?

I think the reason we do what we do is because we enjoy variety, especially when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur. It's nice to break up the day with a mix of Refined Interiors to dos, and Shoppe Refined to dos. For design, we typically take on mostly Residential projects, and are selective in taking on commercial projects that allow us to be very creative and push the boundaries a little more than a Residential project. I always enjoy the first phase of every design project, the conceptual phase. It's like making a vision board for the space and pulling all the materials to see what our client likes/doesn't like or maybe they realize they like something they had never thought of. In Shoppe Refined, I love sourcing new pieces that I think our clients and customers will love. Between both Refined Interiors and Shoppe Refined, it's also always rewarding to see a design project complete all the way down to styling with pieces from our shoppe. Even though from the outside, it looks like we may just be designing spaces, we put our hearts into each project and they are often a labour of love!

Do you have any future goals for Shoppe Refined or Refined Interiors?

We are working on getting furniture up on the Shoppe Refined website by Spring/Summer! We would love to expand our reach to those who appreciate beautiful furniture and decor and are not local. We ship decor Canada wide, and are eager to add furniture into the mix.   

Thank you to Courtney for answering our questions and congratulations to the Shoppe Refined team on their beautiful new storefront!! Read the article of Carolyn's interview for Shoppe Refined here.

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