- Garment Care -


Each garment is crafted using natural fibres of superior quality. In order to maintain their longevity we recommend to wash knits in cool water with a mild detergent by hand. It is best to avoid using harsh chemical sprays or bleaches so not to alter the natural characteristics and softness of the yarn. Hanging garments for long periods of time can ultimately stretch or misshape the item. Store your knits folded in a closet or drawers to avoid manipulation and maintain their shape for lasting wear.  

STEP 1:  Fill basin with cool water. Soak knit in basin and swirl gently making sure not to rub together. Soak for up to 20 minutes.   STEP 2:  When ready, drain and rinse garment again in cool water. Gently press excess water out. Remove and spread garment on a thick dry towel.  STEP 3:  Roll garment in towel to remove excess water and lay flat to dry. Avoid hanging, twisting or crumpling your knitwear while it is in the drying process to keep the original shape. Drying make take 1-2 days depending on the weight of the knit. We do not recommend machine washing or tumble drying your knitwear. *NOTE*  If you feel uncomfortable with the hand washing process, please take it to your local eco-friendly Dry Cleaner for a secure alternative option.




Manufactured in Toronto Canada, Soak offers a range of products that supports the philosophy of helping customers care for their most cherished garments through their eco-friendly detergents. Soak wool wash is ideal for the hand washing process and effectively cleans, protects and revitalises your favourite garments with ingredients that are environmentally conscious and sustainable. 

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