Interview with This Little City

Last week, Carolyn was interviewed by Lillie Louise Major of This Little City; Victoria’s digital guide to unique events and small businesses. Lillie visited the studio at Rockslide for photos and to talk about what being a sustainable knitwear business means. Carolyn and Lillie crossed paths before during the Golden Harvest Market at Mitchell Farms last September, but never formally met, making this meeting even more exciting. 
Lillie is a wonderful supporter of small businesses in the area, previously covering our friend Salt Shop, The Proper Table, makers like Alexis of Jovee Leather Goods, and ceramics by Amanda Marie. With her blog This Little City, she features “local craftspeople, artists, small business owners and unique places & events that call Victoria home.” The site is a great guide to all of the best parts of Victoria’s creative scene. 
The two were able to talk about everything from Carolyn’s start in fashion and the beginning of the brand to the new beautiful new studio space. In the studio, they also talked about knitwear production and long term goals to manufacture in Canada. Carolyn is always excited to introduce more people to the concept of slow fashion and show that luxury and sustainability can be a perfect pair, so we can’t wait to share this with you. Read the article here.

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