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Carolyn Ferreira


Meet Carolyn, the Designer and Creator of CF Knitwear.

There is no denying the passion, care and craftsmanship that lovingly goes into her collections. Once you are able to get your hand on one of her knits, it is easy to see just how special they are! There is truly only one way to achieve this and Carolyn wholeheartedly believes, it is by loving what you do!

Originally from Toronto, Canada Carolyn began working in the fashion industry for a number of major retailers. She quickly felt the need to expose herself to more experiences, culture and influence from all around the world. Her journey has allowed her to live and work in pretty incredible places including Australia, Italy and New York City. All of which have helped shape and refine the CF brand you see today.

You don't often hear the two words luxury and sustainability together, but after years of learning about the process that is exactly what CF Knitwear achieves.~ Lillie Louise Major @This Little City

The first CF collection launched in Milan in 2019 where Carolyn built her trusted partnerships that still provide CF it's signature cashmere and natural yarns today. In 2020, she moved back to Canada settling in the West Coast teaching fashion to young aspiring designers while continuing to develop her dream of building her own brand. Unlike some fashion brands that depend on changing their collections seasonally, Carolyn believes in doing away with the “fast fashion” concept and instead producing timeless pieces that can be cherished for years to come.

At CF, we believe in the importance of quality over quantity and buying clothes that are made to last. ~ Carolyn Ferreira

Now located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Carolyn Ferreira Knitwear can be found in multiple retail locations. Carolyn truly enjoys sharing her knowledge of the craft and offers classes available in studio to learn knitwear design. Registration for the next course begins this September! When she's not working on her business she loves spending time with family, friends and her dog Bailey outdoors :) To learn more about CF Knitwear, visit where you can shop the collection and course offerings. 

Studio CF
Photography by: Angel Mae 

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