Exploring likeminded, local, sustainable brands.

As a small business owner and female entrepreneur, I believe it is so important to network and stay connected with other likeminded professionals. I have taken many unexpected leaps, accomplished incredible challenges and be awoken to new opportunities in my career thanks to these wonderful routine conversations with other likeminded, local and sustainably focused Canadian brands and entrepreneurs. No doubt the plethora of emerging talent in the country is vastly expanding and I am continuously impressed and inspired by the talent! Below are just some of the amazing Canadian brands who are focused on ethical consumption and production - Read more and check them out below:



Jewellery made at Forged and Co. All packaging is made from biodegradable materials. Wherever possible the designer Ilana, creatively reuses metals in the smallest of ways so that no material goes to waste. She also ensures all suppliers are local with the majority of all items handmade in Vancouver.  





The Natural Hair Salon is not only the most tranquil environment in the city, it also uses products that are all-natural and locally sourced in Canada; promoting sustainable practices and supporting makers in the community. Beauty products are one area that we’re also seeing a shift away from harsh chemicals and towards natural ingredients that support both the users health and the health of the planet.






For unique, hand-crafted leather accessories, look at Jovee Leather Goods All pieces are made by hand in BC using old stock leather, ensuring that the leathers cuts that would otherwise go to waste in the fashion industry get a second life and are turned into beautiful purses, bags, and more.








Hair of the Dog scrunchies are handmade in BC, using locally sourced materials, and divert whatever minimal fabric scraps there are into other patchwork projects or pillow stuffing. It’s always been interesting to me to see how ‘waste’ from production can be used for other project - another creative way Erin recycles? Turning scrap fabric into cat toys!






Slow fashion company MeMi Collective creates clothes that are designed to last, both in terms of the beautiful, size-inclusive styles that they produce, and the locally sourced, high quality materials they are made from. Plus, they consider how they can be sustainable from start to finish, using packaging that is recyclable or compostable. All of their pieces are manufactured ethically and locally in Canada.  






Dwelling Apparel is ethically manufactured right here in Canada. They’re part of a collective called The Kindred Studio, whose focus is on local manufacturing, ethically sourced materials, and full transparency surrounding their process. They share all information where they source their materials of natural bamboo and cottons and while products are manufactured locally, their materials are imported from overseas ethical suppliers. Taking the guesswork out of knowing where your garments are from is an important step in deciding how as a consumer you want to shop.  





For unique and flattering body suits and beautiful tops, check out La Reyna. One thing that struck me about this company was their total transparency around where they are currently at (working towards more sustainable practices, with 40% of their fabrics certified sustainable) and that this is only the start for them. Their eco friendly, flattering and fun printed garments are all made in Canada, and they’re always focused on working towards a more circular economy.





The Silk Labs is on a mission to change silk production - their scrunchies and scarves are ethically sourced by allowing the full growth of the silk worms, which means no little creatures are harmed in the process.







For a beautifully curated selection of thrifted finds, Naura Thrift. Owner and style guru Kelsey (instagram handle) always has great tips and tricks for shopping second hand, and the items she shares on both accounts will make you a believer that you can create a stunning wardrobe without the fast fashion/new buys

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